March 23 – 25 | Local Live Music

March 23rd – 25th | Live Music Line-Up

♫ Fri. March, 23

Latin Dance Nights at Centre 64

Goes from 6pm – 9:30pm
Kimberley Arts Centre: Centre 64, Kimberley.

Live Music at
Broken Paddle Diner (BJ’s) & Canoes ‘N Brews

Starts at 9:00pm, Kimberley.

The Elks Club

Live Music every Friday starting at 8:30pm. Kimberley.

Deep Cedar Live in Cranbrook; An Australian Adventure

Located at the Westcoast Grill in Cranbrook. 6pm – 9pm.

A runner, a reckless and a fool. Modern folk singer-songwriter JL Appleby writes personable, lonesome and story driven music, taking inspirations folk-country-bluegrass worlds. DC released the “Loons” EP in April 2016 to sold out shows in AB & BC, since touring Canada extensively through traditional gigs, weddings, events, festivals and a sense of adventure.

Fingerstyle to footstomp!

DJ jMac at Shotgun Willy’s – Set Release Pre Party

10pm – 2am. Come on down to shotguns and join me for the pre party for from the earth coming up on March 24th!! New music new beats coming your way!! Cranbrook.


♫ Sat. March 24 ♫

Apre Ski at the Stemwinder: Live music from Alderbash

Starts at 3pm – 6pm. Kimberley.

Amos Garrett & Julian Kerr @ Centre 64

Kimberley Arts Centre: Centre 64, Kimberley. 7pm – 10pm.

Over the course of his career, Garrett has recorded with more than 150 artists, ranging from Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren and Pearls Before Swine to Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt and Martin Mull. He can be heard on Anne Murray’s chart-topping rendition of “Snowbird”. Guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin stated Amos Garrett was one of his favorite American guitar players in a 1975 Rolling Stone interview.

Live Music at Canoes and Brews

Starts at 9:00pm, Kimberley.

Live Music at “Locals” in Cranbrook

7:30pm-10pm. Family friendly show. Live music by local musicians. Tickets available at Lotus Books….$10.00 each.

Line Up: The Quimbys, Barry Coulter, Bill Renwick, Beth Crawley, Ian Jones and Larry MacKenzie. Don’t miss this last show of the season!!!

Colin James Blues Trio – Key City Theatre

7:30 – 10:30 at the Key City Theater in Cranbrook. 

From the prairies of Saskatchewan to the stages of the world, sharing his talent with some of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time, Colin James has quietly and steadily established himself as one of Canada’s greatest musicians.

♫ Sun. March, 25

College Days at the Stemwinder: Music Jam Day

Bring your instruments, voices and friends! Starts at 2pm – 5pm. Kimberley Alpine Resort.

Karaoke Night at Canoes and Brews 

Starts at 8:30pm. Kimberley.

Ashton T Live at Soulfood

Starts at 10:30am. 

Enjoy Soulfood’s delicious brunch while taking-in live music from Ashton Thebault. They go well together and you’ll make it even more special.


old-microphone-record-sound-antique-mic* Check out Sheddy Bingo every Sunday starting at 8pm at THE SHED, Kimberley on the Platzl. Prizes to be won, food & drink specials.


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